ourCOG TAKEOVER (A Decade Later): The Launch

ourCOG TAKEOVER (A Decade Later): The Launch

ourCOG.org was launched on 18 October, 2010 at 06:08 AM

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OURCOG 1.0: Growth Strategy & Upcoming Features
OURCOG is a communal platform, developed by the Church of God, designed to incite constructive conversations and provide a place for COG participants to connect together. Version 1.0 (what you see now) is a minimal product by design. Our intention is to study usage of the platform, receive user feedback, and then adapt and grow the platform as the community evolves. As this platform continues, we will roll out new features – new ways for users to connect, share content, and collaborate. We will also establish bug tracking, a way for the community to let us know when things are working just right. And we’ll keep you posted right here via posts in the Discussion area. Imagine OURCOG not as a finalized, “completed” platform, but rather as a dynamic communication tool that will grow and adapt with the needs of the community. Our team will appreciate constructive, thoughtful, and useful feedback. We can’t promise that every new request will be fulfilled, but we do promise that we’ll listen intently to each request and address them as soon as we can as long as they’re a benefit to the community at large. You can expect from us that we’ll strive to adapt this platform to the continuing needs of this community, and in return we appreciate your patience, participation, and constructive feedback.



ourCOG SOCIAL MEDIA: FULL Twitter Archive for the First 5 Years (More to come soon..)

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