Christmas Presents

Christmas Presents

This has been on my mind since I walked into my local Wal-Mart last week and saw the Christmas trees and Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer playing over the PA. I’m finding myself becoming increasingly anti-stuff…by stuff I mean all the things we buy that aren’t needed…ESPECIALLY in celebration of Christmas, the birth of Christ. So…realizing that I’m unlikely to totally reverse several generations of built up consumerism in a blog post, I thought a good place to start is by turning our spending into opportunities to make a difference. My idea of a good Christmas gift is homemade and time spent with family, or at least a few chickens or a goat from these guys and a LED light bulb…but for those of you who aren’t there yet…

Here is a list of causes you can support via SHOPPING!

Light Gives Heat–Jewelry and handbags handmade in Uganda, and also a true non-profit, 501c3 charity

SHE Thailand–jewelry made by by women who’ve been involved in the southeast Asian sex trade.  

TOMS Shoes–For every pair you buy, they give away a pair to a child in a third world country, they’re still a For Profit company, but it’s a start…

Land of a Thousand Hills Coffee–very good coffee for all your caffeinated friends, and it’s helping to rebuild the African country of Rwanda, they have one of my favorite slogans… “Drink Coffee, Do Good.”

The Preemptive Love Coalition–Family who moved to Iraq to engage the locals and started Buy Shoes Save Lives, I have a pair, yes they are expensive, but unlike most shoes in that price range they aren’t made in factories in Bangladesh by kids, they are hand made in Iraq and the profits fund heart surgeries!

RED Campaign–The best organized effort to bring our consumption in line with a cause. You can buy everything from Converse and Armani, to an IPOD Product(RED), and a portion of your purchase price goes to fight AIDS in Africa. GAP has a good lineup of these items, and STARBUCKS is Joining the Campaign later this month!!!

To Write Love on Her Arms–A neat charity started to combat teen suicide, their Apparel has become pretty popular.
Roses from Israel–Some probably would prefer NOT to have Israeli goods, but if it’s your thing this one is kinda cool and their prices are pretty good.

Invisible Children–A movement to help kids in war torn Uganda and a couple pretty good films!–The largest Christian Porn Site…you should check it out! And they have some pretty cool merchandise.

Jedidiah Clothing– Probably my favorite place to shop for T-Shirts…

Maggie’s Organics–If you wanna green up your wardrobe…

I hope you use this list…If you’re going to buy shoes or T-shirts this holiday season, might as well make a difference in the process!

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