Closing Thoughts for Memorial Day

It has been several weeks since my last post and alot has transpired in my life. I pray that all is well with each of you. As Memorial Day 2010 comes to a close here in the next few minutes, I wanted to sit and share some thoughts. First, I thank God for our liberty and freedom. I believe, much as our founding fathers did, that the creation of our nation was with providential care. I believe that God had his hands on us from the beginning. That doesn't mean that we as a nation has always done things the right way. We are human and humans make mistakes. When the revolution broke out in the late 1700's, one of the common cries given out by our soldiers was "No king but Jesus!" Second, I thank God that in every generation there are those who answer the call to serve in the military for the purpose of making our borders safe. It is not an easy life and many sacrifices have been made through our nations history. How often we forget that blood has been shed all over the world so that we could enjoy a cook out with family and friends today. Finally, I pray tonight not only for our soldiers, but also for all of the mothers and fathers, spouses and chilren that are also paying the price during this time in our nations history. May we never forget or take advantage of what has been afforded to us at the expense of someone else. God bless