Could We?…….

A friend of mine posted a question on Facebook this morning that really got me to thinking. The question was, "If Christ called to you today and asked you to leave everything behind and follow Him, could you?" This is a powerful question that has its base in the Gospels. Jesus came upon Peter, Andrew, James, and John fishing and called to them to follow Him, and the Bible says that they left the boats behind and started following. Jesus came upon Matthew working at the tax collection tables and we are told that Matthew as well left all to follow. However, there are other examples of those who could not leave everything and Jesus says of these that they are not fit for the Kingdom of God. It makes me wonder if there is anything in my life that is so important to me, that if He called me to leave it and move on into something else, would I go? I recently heard of a pastor of a large influential church that has accepted the call of the Lord to leave his church and go to a third world country and live among the poor for the next 3 years. He will be leaving a large home, nice cars, comfortable living, and a great church for the slums of India. Wow!! What if God called us to do something of this sort? I pray that I have not allowed myself to become so anchored to the things of my life, that I could not follow Him. Things come and go, but Christ is forever. Let us be anchored only to Him. God bless