Defining Moments of 2012: Tailgate Sunday

Defining Moment #10:
Tailgate Sunday 

What happens when you put the following things together?  Football, ton’s of food, worship and the greatest people on the face of the earth?  That’s exactly right, TAILGATE SUNDAY – one of the biggest Sundays of the year!  As a pastor I realize that “every Sunday” should be my favorite, but there is something about Tailgate Sunday that drives me like no other!  Maybe it’s the excitement.  Maybe it’s the jerseys. Maybe it’s the fried chicken.  Maybe it’s the incredible worship.  Maybe it’s the football games.  Maybe it’s the capacity crowds.  Maybe it’s the large number of first-time guests.  Maybe it’s the opportunity to share the love of Jesus with un-churched people.  I’m thinking it’s all of the above!

This past year’s Tailgate Sunday didn’t simply end up on the defining moments list because it’s my favorite Sunday.  It’s on the list because it’s the largest attended worship experience we have had in the history of our church.  Literally speaking, it was standing room only!  We saw more first time guests than on any other Sunday, many of which now call Northpark home.  I did, however, lose my first football game – I have a ton of extremely accurate and not at all exaggerated excuses, but I’ll save those for another post…

If you think this year’s Tailgate Sunday was special, just wait until Sunday, October 13, 2013.  That’s right, we are bringing Tailgate Sunday back and it will be bigger and better than ever.  We are actually having it at North Raleigh Christian Academy, where we can combine all of our services into one.  We will have special musical guest Awake the Fire and Northpark’s very own worship band to lead us all into worship that day.  We will also have FOUR flag football games going at one time.  As always, you’ll find great music, a challenging message, incredible food and a chance to connect with your church family!

Who knows – this year there might even be a marching band.  Am I joking???
You’ll have to join us to find out! 

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