Dinosaurs evolved into tiny tweety little birdies? Apes turned into…

Dinosaurs evolved into tiny tweety little birdies?
Apes turned into people?
Everything came from nothing?

Is this really what’s holding atheists back from believing in a Creator?

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  1. Dinosaurs evolve of…but the bible speck about this creatures (job book) Chinese legend, inca stones, cave pictures, Babylon walls etc. So…

  2. It’s a lack of knowledge. They get tricked by people masquerading as scientists. It’s because they don’t know science. The person of faith may not know science either, but faith is really all you need. These folks have just made themselves more difficult for Christian scientists to reach people.

  3. I do not have enough faith to be an evolutionist. Forensic science with an agenda to prove one right is not my idea of science.

  4. Provided without endorsement or detraction: the AcappellaScience parody of “More than Words,” see also his youtube music video.

    [Verse 1]
    Pigeons and doves coo
    They’re not two birds but one from a deeper view
    With life that always holds true
    One descent but if you only knew
    How clearly
    Gulls and geese have had their roots revealed

    More than birds
    The fossils have the clues to make it real
    By the mid-Jurassic they had warm bodies
    And hollow airy bones

    [Verse 2]
    What would you do
    If raptors grew wings and flew
    More than birds the stones reveal
    Archaeopteryx is real
    What would you say
    If I told you birds convey
    More than eggs and tasty stew
    They’re a strain of dino too

    More than birds
    How could life give rise to
    Cockatoos from such a monstrous plan
    Selection pressure substitutes their
    Jumps for glides
    To powered flight it tends
    Adapting or T-Rex’s feathers and wishbone

    More than birds
    By oviraptor’s breeding can be shown
    Cause like birds they laid their eggs sequentially
    And sat on them to grow

    [Verse 3]
    What would you do
    If you died while stuck in goo?
    More than birds in amber sealed
    Dino plumage is revealed
    What would you say
    If our rooks and birds of prey
    Are the ancient kings made new
    Cause they’re avian dinos too

    More than birds

  5. I don’t think that’s what’s holding them back, at least not most of them, since there are several Christians that also believe that.

  6. Atheists are “held back”because they don’t want to accept moral accountability. Any lie that lets them maintain their own place as the highest authority in their life is what they’re willing to defend.

  7. Evolution doesn’t have anything to do with a belief in God. It’s a sore spot for Christians though, because it goes against their scripture.

  8. Don’t forget the miracle of dead non living matter coming to life . In evolution there was no body to resurrect so they believe in a greater miracle than Christians.

  9. No. This isn’t holding back anyone. The theistic position hasn’t met it’s burden of proof. It’s pretty simple.

    We also hate your special pleading saying everything needs a cause, except your god.

  10. ava you ask a really good question, why is this even a debate. we could say because the bible… and then give a bunch of biblical answers, but I won’t do that.
    Do you know who ICR are? the institute of creation research?
    they believe the bible and have made scientific claims that validate the bible. are they not doing real science based off observational science?
    they are not the only one, so these scientists who are coming up with other ideas, are they not scientists or are only those who subscribe to the evolutionary model pure scientist?I am not saying this is conclusive, but it should be at least thought provoking.

  11. Yep, but it’s a little more sinister than that. There is an attempt being made to devalue humans.

  12. What holds anyone back from God is sin, most likely in subtle forms of ethical and moral injustices that God couldn’t be the author of or and man will not take responsibility for!!! So no God????

  13. The Cambrian explosion marks the first appearance of animals with skeletons, bilateral symmetry, appendages, brains, eyes, and digestive tracts that include mouths and anuses.
    Virtually every eye design that has ever existed appears simultaneously in the Cambrian explosion.
    The moment oxygen levels in Earth’s atmosphere and oceans permit the existence of Cambrian animals, they suddenly appear.
    The Cambrian explosion occurs simultaneously with the drastic change in sea chemistry known as the Great Unconformity.
    The Cambrian explosion includes the most advanced of the animal phyla, chordates, including vertebrate chordates.
    Both bottom-dwellers and open ocean swimmers appear simultaneously in the Cambrian explosion.
    Optimization of the ecological relationships among the Cambrian animals, including predator-prey relationships, occurred without any measurable delay.

  14. How do we know that our Heavenly Father Jehovah God (Yahweh Elohim Allah) didn’t use evolution to develop life of planet Earth (intelligent design)?

  15. We Christians must believe the bible not the world. We believe the earth is created in 6 regular days no evolution occur because because God said in every day of creation It is good. Believe in God. God bless you.

  16. No. The choice to believe this lie is based in one’s refusal of God. Since they can’t /won’t accept Christ. They have to choose an alternative.

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