Do humans have 100% free will? personally this topic is…

Do humans have 100% free will?

personally this topic is so important for me
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  1. Explain what you mean by free. There’s free like a or b then there’s free like I can do anything I want.

  2. definitely sir, otherwise Adam and Eve wouldn’t have been abled to choose to eat the forbidden fruit.

  3. Your free to do what you want. The problem is all man wants is evil…

    Don’t believe me? Think I’m wrong? Then stop sinning and never do it again, thereby proving me wrong

  4. We do not have free will. We are moldable and able to be easily influenced. If we had free will, we would be able to choose to never sin. No one can willfully choose to never sin.

  5. Humans have only that amount of free will through which they can humbly accept their depravity and place their faith on Jesus in the clear light of the gospel. They would be rightly responsible for accepting or rejecting the free gift of salvation because they have free will.

  6. If you’re asking if we can step off a roof and “will” ourselves up into the air. No. That’s just goofy.

  7. Free will… no. For example I can’t will myself to be invisible or to never need to drink water again.

    Free choice…. yes. Foreknowledge by God does not predetermine our choices. In fact read up on Liberian free will: molinism (I know it’s called free will, but really it is free choice).

  8. Please give your exegesis of
    Deuteronomy 30:19 KJV
    I call heaven and earth to record this day against you, that I have set before you life and death, blessing and cursing: therefore CHOOSE life, that both thou and thy seed may live:

  9. To exacerbate the issue…
    before Adam sinned, he was alive unto God. How can someone alive unto God CHOOSE to sin against God. Are you saying Adam was depraved before he sinned?

  10. Yes we have free will (Jeremiah 29:13, II Peter 3:9, John 7:17, John 1:12-13)
    Yes God predestines us (Eph 1:4-5, Romans 8:29, John 15:16)
    Yes God is sovereign over it all, knowing what will happen in the end and bringing everything under His control ( Isaiah 46:10, job 42:2, romans 11:36)
    We can only come to the Father if the Father draws us for in our own free will apart from His drawing we will chose sin —- John 6:44, Jeremiah 17:9.

    Now let that just rock your world for a while as you ponder the depths of God and His sovereignty even over our free will ?.

  11. Yes. Think Adam and Eve in the garden. Think of your choices in you life. We are not in the matrix. God knows the future but he gave us free will. In revelation after alot of judgments happen on the earth it says men will still choose their gold and valuables etc.

  12. It’s a very hard question. It’s really hard to answer. Yes and no is the best I’ve got. Do we choose yes. Does God choose yes.

  13. ??…
    2 in 1 ya…
    100% is somehow belong to God not in human scopes …
    free will is also a language methafor .. no one ever see it, taste it, touch it…??

  14. No. No such thing as free will.

    “Psychologists need to comprehend that the logic of the physical universe – indeed, any possible universe – rules out free choice, and irrespective of the indeterminism of quantum theory. Why? Well, because who a person happens to be from a moral point of view cannot possibly be under his or her control. To be responsible for how they act they would have to be responsible for how they are, and to be responsible for how they are they would have had to have created themselves, and no one can be the causa sui, the ultimate ‘cause of oneself’, because in order to do so, he or she would have to be in every sense his or her own parent, his or her own author. If you try to argue that a person has created himself or herself then you have to posit an earlier self that creates the later self, but then you note that the earlier self could not have created itself but must have been created by an earlier self, and you end up with an infinite regress of selves needed (Strawson, 1994). Yet, ultimately for libertarian free will you need an initial creator self, a ‘prime mover’ self, which is impossible to get to because how would it have come into existence?”
    – Excerpt from an essay on free will

    “Present-day libertarians tend to pin their hopes for free will on quantum mechanics, but the random chance of quantum theory has no connection whatsoever to the concept of ethical freedom; the freedom to choose, the freedom to will. Doing something because (hypothetically) a subatomic particle randomly moves inside your skull offers no more freedom than doing something because genes or culture dictate it. The quantum event may be uncaused, but your (hypothetical) resulting action would itself be caused by the quantum event. The action is therefore not uncaused, and it is most certainly not chosen or willed. Indeterminism cannot save free will for humankind, because if the mind is, at least in part, undetermined, then some things ‘just happen’ in it outside the laws of causation for which, by definition, nobody and nothing is responsible. An individual is not responsible if their actions are caused, because those actions were ultimately set in motion before they were even born. But an individual is also not responsible if some of their actions are uncaused, because those actions just came out of nowhere. To be freely choosing an individual would have to be free from both deterministic effects and indeterministic effects. Free from both A and not-A, as a logician would put it. To be freely choosing you cannot have A, but you cannot have not-A either; free choice requires something that cannot logically exist in this or any possible universe.”
    – Excerpt from an essay on free will

    No choice or decision is ever made in a vacuum “free” of all internal and external factors that influence and determine that choice or decision. And sovereign over all those factors is God’s rule. By command or permission every factor is always where, when, and how God wills it to be.

    The true definition of “free” will is that you can make choices and decisions free of any internal and external influencing factors. That is not possible. Only if you existed in a vacuum free from all such factors could you really make a free choice or decision. But if you did exist in such a state you would not exist at all.

  15. We don’t have 100% free will. Because if we did we we would not have to follow natural law, man made law and the commandments of God.

  16. Yes, We have free will. The comments that you are writing on this section as your answers comes from your free will. The clothes that you are wearing now comes from your free will.That is why we have Laws, Rights and other restraining powers to control our fallen nature where free will comes from so that we don’t violate other people’s rights.Sin came into this world through the free will of Adam & Eve.God was not playing around with their minds when the serpent tempted them.Their response to the temptation came from their free will to eat the fruit. Salvation by grace alone, through faith alone, in Christ alone comes from the free will of those who have responded to the gospel. God chose those who are His from the foundation of the world because He foreknew that these chosen ones would willfully chose Him in their own timeline of existence.

  17. Yes. Many believers don’t like this question at all since it means that God is not in complete control IF free will is true. My argument back is that true love is NEVER true love if it’s forced. Free will is a gift from God and everyone has it.

  18. We have free will, but it is damaged and twisted as a result of the Fall. That is why we’re under the control of many passions and delusions.

  19. To varying degrees. I view free will as the ability of contrary choice. I have that ability in some contexts. In matters of salvation, God enlightens us by the spirit to be convicted of sin, enabling us to put trust in him.

    I don’t believe in “100%” free will depending on what you mean by that.

  20. I don’t know if we can put a percentage on it, but we have freewill only in the bounds of our nature and character under God’s sovereignty.

  21. I had the same question but, i was told “We are all slaves to something. Either we are slaves to righteousness or slaves to unrighteousness. Nothing in of ourselves wants anything to do with God. He is the one that draws us to Himself and we follow.” Hebrews 8:10
    Ezekiel 36: 26-28

  22. I hate to be so blunt but if God created us and the world we live in we can never be sovereign entities…it is ontologically impossible

  23. No. We do not. God is sovereign. Man is not. The scripture says we are slaves to sin. SLAVES! No free will. We will sin because we are slaves to it. But Jesus purchased us and made us slaves of rightousness. Still slaves.

    The idea of human free will is idolatry. It is people trying to hold on to something that rightfully belongs to God. It is also a feeble attempt to hold on to some kind of significance to our existence that’s not Biblically based. We we’re created for God. We were designed to be in fellowship with HIM. The sovereign ruler of the universe made us solely for Fellowship with him. Why can we not see this as significant? This is a great honor. We don’t need our foolish idle of free will to be significant.

  24. Humans only have free will within the context of God’s Divine Sovereignty.. Whatever we end up deciding and doing is anyway fully done within the context of God’s Sovereign Divine Decreed Will.

  25. The questions are:

    Do you think mans “will” supersedes God’s will?

    Do you think spiritually dead people can make themselves alive?

    Did Paul use his free will on the way to Damascus?

    Did Job use his free will?

    Did Jonah use his free will?

    I’ll stop at these because the Bible is littered with people who didn’t use their, “free will.”

    I’ll leave you with this…
    Have you ever prayed for God to spiritually save someone? To break into their lives?
    If yes, you’ve asked God to violate their free will.

    Have you ever said to anyone, “God doesn’t always give us what we want, but gives us what we need?”
    If yes, He’s violated our free will.

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