Does It Matter?

The question that has been on my mind the last few days is, "How does my life matter?" What kind of difference am I making? Am I really enjoying my work? I have been reading through Ecclesiastes this week and it has really made me look at things with a new prospective. For instance it tells us that many of us are simply chasing the wind. We are working for things that bring no real happiness and peace. The things that we are giving our lives to will one day be gone and our life will have been in vain. However, if we give our lives to pursuing God, then we will have eternal rewards that never perish. I am concerned that alot of us, myself included, have given our lives to pursuing something that will eventually dissapoint us. Even within the church, we are guilty of this. We start out chasing God but get caught up in our jobs that we lose sight of Him and focus only on our duties. Eventually the "job" becomes unfulfilling and many get burned out. If you are in the "burned-out" place today then please stop where you are and regroup. Fall in love with God again and let Him remind you why you do what you do. Let it be about Him and not about us and our agendas. Only God can make your life meaningful again. God bless.