Don’t Lose the Joy!

I want to encourage you today not to lose your joy and if you have....GET IT BACK! When we lose our joy in serving Christ everything, and I do mean everything, will begin to suffer. We will lose interest in our relationship with Christ and will eventually begin to compromise. We will lose interest in serving others and will begin to live selfishly. We will begin to think only of ourselves instead of being invested in our spouse and children. Everything will begin to suffer. We must remember that joy is not the same as happy. I once heard someone say that "to be happy I need good stuff to happen, but my joy is simply based on who Christ is." What a powerful truth. I will, and you as well, have days where bad things instead of good take place. I can not allow those days to still my joy! No matter what our days are like, It does not change what Christ did, who Christ is, or what Christ promised! For that reason alone our joy should be "unspeakable and full of glory." If you have found yourself to have lost your joy then do what David did in Psalms 51, repent and ask God to "restore the joy of His salvation."........STEP Forward!