Don’t Play Poker with Roger Clemens

In middle school I lived across the street from a reception hall that mostly catered weddings and events on the weekends. This left the large parking lot mostly empty during the week. My bestfriend and I would play homerun derby behind the building. The game was fairly simple: toss the ball up in the air and hit as far as you can. It was just Chad and me. One fielder.
When I would toss the ball in the air I would imagine one of two guys pitching, Dwight "Doc" Gooden or Rocket Roger Clemens. They were the best two pitchers in baseball. Both potential Hall of Famers who placed fear in hearts of the batters they faced.
Gooden derailed his Hall of Fame chances with illegal drug use. It wasn't long before he just lost his stuff. But Rocket continued to go strong. He had what seemed to be a rebirth when he left Boston for Toronto and eventually the Yankees. Now, we are faced with the question, was this rebirth real?
I want to believe that Clemens did not use performance-enhancing drugs. I didn't really care about Bonds, Canseco, Palmeiro, McGwire, et al...but not Rocket! Today is the show down before Congress. Clemens is either innocent, going to jail for perjury, or he's the best poker player ever. It's reminiscient of Demi Moore telling Tom Cruise, "If you don't think you have it, don't go after Jessup, you could get in big trouble."
Rocket, it's your move: hold 'em or fold 'em.