Downtown Huntsville

I live in Huntsville. I like this city...sometimes. It is a great city that has a great mix of big city life (we have all the major restaurants: 2 Cracker Barrels, and coming soon a PF Changs. wooooohoooo!!!) and the quite country life. We have just enough people in the city to offset the fundamentalist bible belt beliefs found in the rural areas of the south (though this thought is by no means dead in the city!) The city is definitely growing into a metropolitan feel and well, Holly and I want to move into a condo downtown. I realize that this is not practical and would cost twice as much as a place in the suburbs but we would love to have the experience! I guess I can't complain because I only live 1 mile away from downtown now. Holly and I take great pleasure in walking our dogs through big spring park, sometimes even venturing into the historic twickenham district. I realize that its just a dream, a really big and not practical dream, but I am allowed to dream!


PS If anyone is wanting to surprise Holly and I with a condo, we would really like to have one in the 301 east development ( We are not too picky, so we will accept any of the condo floor plans that you want to buy for us. Thanks.