engaging my weaknesses

I was really stoked to hear my friend Rob Kirk teach on Biblical leadership principles on Sunday evening. Among the 50 or so great things he said was something like this: “Lots of leaders surround themselves with people who are good at things that the leader is not good at. While this is normal, it sometimes results in a lack of growth and development on the part of the leader. If other people are doing the stuff we are not good at, we never learn to be good at those things.” That is not a direct quote, he was way more articulate than that – but you get the idea.

Rob agrees that we should spend the bulk of our time operating within our gifts but he thinks we miss out on some very important growth processes if we never engage our weaknesses.

So it looks like I had better start thinking about and working on some things that I am not good at, things that just maybe I have been ignoring. Maybe there is some room for growth for me.

Where to begin… let’s see… things that I am not good at…



Foreign languages




Delayed gratification

Liking disloyal people

Overcoming my insecurities

Anger management

Controlling my tongue

Thinking positively

and so on…

Looks like I’m going to be busy for a while.