As most all of you know, Holly and I have been in the midst of an adoption process. We are trying to adopt a little baby girl from the country of Guatemala. Well, we received our "paper ready" status last week. This past Thursday we received a phone call from our agency stating that Guatemala's president would possibly give a decree that would shut down adoptions. The only way around such a declaration would be to sign power of attorney by the close of business on Friday...IN GUATEMALA CITY! Well, along with 10 other families Holly and I boarded a planed within six hours of hearing the news and were off to Guatemala City! We arrived here Friday at noon, signed our POA by 4 and had our new baby girl in our arms by 4:30! Here's a quick recap: we get a phone call Thursday at noon, I am on a plane to meet holly by 5, in Guatemala Friday at 12, signed POA by 4, and had our baby girl in our arms by 4:30! (You can read more about the process and the events of the day on our adoption blog, peace for your journey.)

Here's the stats on our new baby girl. We are going to call her Isabella. She was born September 26 slightly prematurely. She weighed 4 pounds 12 ounces and is absolutely the most beautiful baby girl in the world! She is getting to stay with us in our hotel the entire length of our stay. However, we are not allowed to leave the hotel with her. Thankfully, there are a lot of restaurants and shopping places in the hotel. We have decided not to publicly, however, most of the people that read this blog are friends and I would love to send a picture over to you. Just let me know.

We will be back from Guatemala on October 3.

Got to run. Isabella seems a bit hungry. Buenos tardes!