Final sermon checklist before go time

Here are 8 questions I ask myself about each sermon I speak before I hit the pulpit. It helps me stay focused on the immediate and trajectory of where I am taking my kids for the year. This is the template discussed at the leadership session at shabbach.
Hope it helps!!

1. What is THE focus for the altar?
The Altar should Alter. Everything in this message should point
2. How is my introduction going to "catch them?"
The beginning has to grab their attention.
3. What is the ONE thing I want them to go home with?
The thesis has to be singular in focus
4. How am I "showing" them what I am talking about?
a. Visual illustration
b. Illustration through everyday living
5. How does this ONE thing show up on Monday?
I must make sure it's applicable for the audience
6. Where am I giving them "hope through the Cross?"
7. What is the best spot in this message to communicate, "I love You?"
8. Where is the "theme" reinforced?
2 Timothy 1:12 - Persuaded