Genuine question about deliverance. I grew up in charasmatic church’s…

Genuine question about deliverance.
I grew up in charasmatic church’s and was taught that Christians need deliverance from spirits that can be inside their soul and emotional realm. I’ve met heaps of ministers with so called deliverance ministries also.
Since leaving the charasmatic ive come across other bible teachers saying Christians cannot have demons (because we are sealed with the Holy Spirit) they say if you have a demon you may not really be saved.
I’ve personally experienced a lot of spiritual stuff including receiving and doing deliverances on ppl years ago, But since leaving charismatic (and now approaching study completely differently) I don’t feel this is correct.
I’m confused because both make sense but I can only see scriptures of Jesus and the disciples casting demons out of non believers. I have not felt the need for any deliverance since leaving this stream and have in many ways felt like the renewal of my mind with scripture is what has been delivering me.
Huge topic. Please offer solid scriptural based thoughts where possible as I know many will have had experiences also but that’s not enough for me to know the truth. Thanks

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