The Trinity (It is my contention that to be a…

The Trinity (It is my contention that to be a…

The Trinity

(It is my contention that to be a true Christian one must confess that the Biblical God is a trinitarian God!)

It is certain that no merely speculative theory, and especially none so mysterious and so out of analogy with all other objects of human knowledge as is that of the Trinity, could ever have held such a prominent place and been so emphasized by all of the churches of Christendom as has this doctrine unless its controlling principle were vital. In the nature of the case Antitrinitarianism inevitably leads to a radically different system of religion. Historically the Church

has always refused to recognize as Christians those who rejected the doctrine of the Trinity. Also, historically, every great revival of Christianity down through the ages has been a revival of adhesion to fullest Trinitarianism. It is not too much to say, therefore, that the Trinity is the point on which all Christian ideas and interests focus, at once the beginning and the end of all true insight into Christianity.

Loraine Boettner

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