God’s foreknowledge is contingent on our free will choices. I…

God’s foreknowledge is contingent on our free will choices. I…

God’s foreknowledge is contingent on our free will choices.

I will explain, but want to see people will think this through first.

Here is the explanation:

Now, please stop being sectarians for a moment and consider what a Christian wishes to relate for your consideration.

1. I am NOT talking about God learning anything.

2. I am not talking about Open Theism. I disagree with that doctrine because it holds the Calvinistic concept that God absolutely controls all that he knows.

Here is the presentation:

Yesterday, I did not kill anyone. This is a fact; it did not happen.

Before God created anything, he knew the future exhaustively.

Everybody following, so far?

God’s exhaustive knowledge included the knowledge that I would not kill anyone, yesterday.

God DID NOT KNOW that I WOULD kill anyone yesterday.

God did not know that I DID kill anyone, yesterday.

God was prohibited knowing either of those things by the fact that I did not do it. I COULD HAVE, but we are not talking about would’ve, could’ve or should’ve.

God’s foreknowledge is limited to what will be.

Some conclude that this necessarily means that God MUST have ordained, or caused or predetermined what I did yesterday.

That is but one possibility. This line of reasoning limits God to only knowing what he himself causes. It does, indeed, agree with open theism that if he did not cause it, ordain it, predetermine it, he cannot know it.

MY God is greater than that limited God. MY God knows all things exhaustively. Unlearning and not causing.

But what is true is that he cannot know what will not happen as knowing it will happen. his foreknowledge is limited to what will occur.

The idea that God must ordain, determine or cause is because humans think that they need to try to understand HOW this infinite and infinitely greater being does things. that we can know the mechanism of how God functions.

HOW does God know the future without causing it in some way?

I do not know. Just as I can not know how Ex Nihilo creation occurred. It makes no sense, but neither does eternal and eternally inert atomic mass existing and then exploding to create the universe.

I am not charged with knowing, no one can actually know, thus no one could know if he is right or if another is right. Is it arrogant and prideful conjecture at best.

So, Since God IS limited to knowing what is real, for falsehoods are not knowledge, and are unreal, AND we are free creatures, made in his image, (The list of consequences of the fall are listed and no mention of the loss of freedom exists. We are the servants to what we yield ourselves, this is voluntary) and as such are free in our ability to will and choose within our power.

And God is limited in knowing only what we will choose. Thus he remains not contingent, but his knowledge is contingent.

And, yes our freedom is contingent upon God’s having made us free.

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