GOD’S MIRACULOUS “WATER”… (Evolution Crusher) WATER! You gotta love it….

GOD’S MIRACULOUS “WATER”… (Evolution Crusher) WATER! You gotta love it….

GOD’S MIRACULOUS “WATER”… (Evolution Crusher)

WATER! You gotta love it. We drink it, wash in it, cook with it, swim in it and generally take it for granted. This clear, tasteless and odorless liquid is so much a part of our lives that we hardly ever think about its amazing properties.

We would die in a few days without water. Our adult bodies are made up of about 65% water. Water is necessary to dissolve essential minerals and oxygen, flush our bodies of waste products, and transport nutrients around the body where needed. Water is the only substance on Earth that has these properties. I’m getting thirsty just talking about it.

Did you ever think why the Earth is the only place in the universe known to have liquid water? And, this depends on having the right kind of star (our sun) neither too bright nor too dim, and thus neither too big nor too small. And, the planet must be at the right distance from it. – Creation.com

So, are we to believe that good ‘ol H2O evolved from some random chemical reactions way back billions of years ago? And, this happened how? And, why? And, that all creatures and plants need water to live?

The probabilities of hydrogen and oxygen atoms actually forming from nothing is utterly ridiculous in the first place. Then the three (2 hydrogen molecules and 1 oxygen) randomly hooking up one day to create “water” are not even thinkable.

Water alone is just one more reason to know that the sketchy, bungling, atheistic theory of chemical evolution is 100% fictitious.

Seriously friends, use your (75% water filled) brain to understand that water could only come from God. It did not and could not magically appear one day out of thin air in any other way. Period!!

Water Tip: There are two reasons why you should never drink toilet water. (Number one. And, number two) 🙂

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