Happy Thanksgiving

Earlier this morning I was reflecting on my affirmations of the day.  I’ve been working through 1 Corinthians 13 and the meaning of love (charity).  Today I finished up with the words, “Love never fails.”  

I couldn’t help but think about my daughter, Briana.  For so many years she has had a very minor role to play during our holidays, and especially during Thanksgiving.  For both Sonja’s side of the family and mine, the Thanksgiving meal is a big event.  I remember so many of the last few years being sad that Briana was not there to be with the family.  It has been a sad time for us.  Image

This year, however, that is not the case.  She, Jonathan, Trinitee and Rory are all present this year.  Matter of fact, Rory announced that fact for most of the night!

I think of all those years that we grieved and prayed and hoped and dealt with disappointments and sadness…and also kept on loving.  This morning I stopped and sent up a mental salute to our Father God and said, “Yes, Father does indeed know best.”

The holiday season is a time of both highs and lows.  Emotions can run high and sometimes they can run toward the negative side.  Let me encourage you to remember the one thing that will not fail – love. Don’t give up, keep loving – hoping, believing, staying positive, being patient and enduring – and believe me, you will discover that love never fails.

And by the way, if you happen to be reading this and you’re one of those “prodigals” that feels that no one loves you – trust me, your Father God loves you.  You can never outrun His love and His love never fails.

Happy Thanksgiving from Team Kemp!