Holy Ghost Set Ups defined.

Those of you readers who are either in my church or know me well, have heard me preach and/or teach about what I call "Holy Ghost Set Ups." In short, what I mean is what we might also term "a God moment." These are times with the Holy Spirit orchestrates times or encounters where He places us in the right place at the right time to be His ministering agent in a given situation. I have told my church members regularly to pray for these and to watch out and be aware of them. For example, today, I was on my way home from the office to grab lunch, and I kept feeling a tugging to go to Inn Keepers. I really did not want to go there. (I know, hard to believe!) I drove all the way home, got out of my car and walked into my house, but I felt that tug again to go to Innkeepers.  So I got back in my car and went. It was late for lunch and they were not crowded at all. I ordered my sandwich and some tea and sat down to read my book.  A few minutes later a woman walked over to my table and asked if I was that "Dan Ash" guy. (My photography company) When I told her that I was, and introduced myself, she asked, "Aren't you a Pastor too?"  Long story short, she said she had a litany of spiritual questions and asked if we could talk. BAM... Holy Ghost setup!  This evening, my wife and I had another of these setups occur and it was so clear that this was a "God moment" where he put us in a certain place at a certain time to minister to someone in a really different way, while at the same time, meeting several new people with opportunities for the future. This is a Holy Ghost Set Up.

Now, especially for you Harvest Folks, I want to take this a step further in teaching. A couple of months ago, Tom Scarrella introduced to you "Treasure Hunts" and many of you got so excited about this.... at least for a short while. What I want you to see is that the Treasure Hunt, and Holy Ghost set ups are in the same vein. The idea that Tom was trying to introduce you to was to hear and listen to the voice of the Holy Spirit as he led you into those "set ups." And what I want you to begin to see is this is not something that you always have to purpose, "Now I am going on a treasure hunt" but rather that each and every day of your life IS (or should be) a treasure hunt, as we encounter God moments or Holy Ghost set ups.  Don't misunderstand.... I want you to keep doing  (or restart, if you have stopped) the Treasure Hunts, for these are a key to your learning to listen more closely to the voice of God and knowing His heartbeat. As you grow, you will not have to schedule a treasure hunt... you will be driving down the road and you will hear the whisper of God saying... "that's your treasure." It should be a lifestyle, not on occasional activity!

In love,
Pastor D