How did Noah get all of those animals on the…

How did Noah get all of those animals on the ark? According to scripture the ark was not nearly big enough. 6.5 Square millimeters is tiny. It’s smaller than the space your pinky fingernail takes up. And 3 million is a very low estimate, the real estimate is closer to 8 million species on Earth today.

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  1. My guess would be that they only took “kinds” on the ark. And those kinds became varied into all the animals we now know.

    First, the ark was limited to land dwelling, air breathing, vertebrate animals.

    Second, a lot of animals vary themselves really easily. One pair of canines, who later became all the types of wolves and dogs, for example. Likewise with chickens, small cats, large cats, cattle, antelope, etc.

    With three floors (as described in scripture), there was easily enough room for about 16,000 different animals, which would account for virtually all land dwelling, air breathing, vertebrates. It is estimated that 16,000 animals would require less that 50% of the space available on the ark, leaving plenty of room for supplies and food. And frankly, if Noah restricted some animals (such as reptiles) to infant or young animals only, there could even be more.

    Further, lots of types of animals could survive a worldwide flood. There are lots of reptiles, mammals, birds, and of course, sea creatures, that would not actually need to be taken onto the ship.

    Thus, we don’t need any where NEAR 3,000,000 different species of animals.

    Here is a very well thought out answer to your question, in case you were serious about wanting an answer, as opposed to simply throwing things at the wall, and trying to see what will stick.

  2. It was two of each kind. That means two of the feline kind, two of the cănide kind etc…. So you don’t need all the animal varieties but just a make and a female from one kind.

  3. And Noah probably cheated. For instance, instead of taking full-grown dinosaurs, we could have taken baby dinosaurs. Or even better yet, he could have taken dinosaur eggs. Did you know that ships larger than the Ark’s dimensions were not built until after 1850?

  4. It didn’t say he took every species. It says he took each animal according to it’s kind. So instead of lions, tigers, housecats, it was merely felines. Far far fewer than millions of animals

  5. Well first of all the Bible doesn’t say every species, it says kind which is a much bigger class of animal than species there can be many species in one kind of animal, for example a domestic dog and a wolf are two different species but of the same kind. He wouldn’t have had to have every species of that kind just two dogs of which every animal of every species of dog would be a decendant of. When you look at it as the Bible actually describes it and not the way some would try and force it to mean it becomes alot clearer. I would highly recommend checking out Ray Comfort’s and Ken Ham’s material on this matter.

  6. In Genesis, God spells out to Noah the dimensions of the vessel: 300 cubits in length, 50 cubits in width and 30 cubits in height (450 × 75 × 45 ft or 137 × 22.9 × 13.7 m).
    It’s not nearly big enough, no matter how hard you try to make it work.

  7. Well, we’ve already established the ark was far too small in size to accommodate two of all species on Earth. Not to mention having enough room to store all the different types of food and fresh water for all the animals.

    How was Noah able to gather two of each species from all around the world?

    The only logical and reasonable explanation is the story is fictional. It’s just a very, very old myth.

  8. Regardless of whether you believe the story is fictional, metaphorical or historical.
    The message is clear.
    God does not love everybody.
    He will kill us all, and not think twice about it.

  9. You seem to miss one important thing related to the latest discoveries in genetics. The gene pool of each species, during the time since the flood losing its “richness” when certain variations of species emerge. It means that the gene pool for each species was preserved in certain kinds of animals for all species within certain kind !!!! For instance one pair of crocodile was sufficient to carry genetic fond for Africa’s Nile crocodile, sea crocodile, caiman etc. Or the one pair of eagle was sufficient to carry genes for all kinds of eagles we see today. Etc etc. your estimate of 3.000.000 it’s absolutely ridiculous and it doesn’t correspond with the knowledge of genetics we have today. The whole equation is therefore FALSE !!!!

  10. He didn’t consider just beetles and the shear number of species … nope. That would fill the boat with insects alone…

    However, the new study, published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, shows that current methods of estimation—dating from 2001 onwards—suggest a mean of 1.5 million for beetles (range 0.9-2.1 million) and 6.8 million for terrestrial arthropods (range 5.9-7.8 million).

  11. Does it matter, from an Orthodox theological perspective, whether or not the biblical Flood narrative is an historical record of an actual event, true in every detail?

    The answer is that it matters little whether the story is an inerrant historical record, a legend loosely based on an actual event, or a work of total fiction spun in order to encode a spiritual or theological message. What matters is whether the story is Holy Scripture or not, whether or not God speaks to us through it.

    For Orthodox Christians, the whole Bible is interpreted Christocentrically. Christ, the eternal Logos, is at the center of the entire Bible, and speaks through every passage of Scripture. But to discern the voice of Christ we frequently need to penetrate beneath the level of literal meaning to expose the underlying spiritual or theological meaning.

  12. The Bible says the highest mountains were covered by 15 cubits of water. That’s a minimum of two and a half times more water than the earth has, and 5 miles of sea level rise in 40 days. It’s just not believable.

  13. So the Lord said, “I will wipe from the face of the earth the human race I have created—and with them the animals, the birds and the creatures that move along the ground—for I regret that I have made them.”

    Genesis 6 :7)

  14. Around 10 to 12 thousand years ago most of Canada and a large chunk of America was covered by a giant glacier. It melted in a relatively short amount of time, around 500 years or so, causing 400 ft,/122 meters of sea level rise in that time. Any ancient cities built on or near Coastal Waters would have been flooded by as much as a foot or more per year of sea level rise during the height of the melt down. One by one, ancient civilizations worldwide were swallowed up by the ocean. This explains why nearly every culture from around the world has an ancient story of a great flood. Nobody died, people simply retreated to Higher Ground and watched their cities disappear under the rising water. The Bible even says the water came from the ground. They had no way of knowing there were 3 giant ice sheets melting. From their perspective it would make sense to assume the water was coming from the ground, because the ocean just kept Rising by hundreds of feet & nobody knew where it was coming from. This meltdown marks the end of an ice age & is part of a natural Earth cycle. It makes perfect sense, and doesn’t require a Supernatural God. It’s easy to understand why Ancient Man thought a God was angry at them. What’s hard to understand is how people still believe this kind of Mythology 10,000 years later, when we know what caused ancient civilizations to be flooded.

    Laurentide Ice Sheet…?

  15. Who knows how big a cubit is, and how long did it take Noah to build this arc you’re measuring with the metrics system?

  16. Are you sure that All species are inside the Noah’s Ark?

    All Sea creatures are not included ? think ? of that.

  17. 1 cubit is about 18 inches (elbow to tip of fingers fully stretched). The Ark was 300 cubits long by 50 cubits wide by 30 cubits tall. In feet that’s 450x75x45. The ark was 1.5 football fields long (minus endzones). Things to consider also. There are a few theories that humans were larger in scale (because of better environment before the Flood) and that would make the cubits alot bigger. Another thing is you assume they took 2 of every kind of animal we see today. They didn’t have to. They only needed to bring 2 of a KIND of each animal. Then animals would micro evolve (adapt) and make more. Also most theorize and it makes logical sense that every animal he took was young so they would have plenty of time to breed. Another is the “clean” animals had 7 pairs each. It’s not that insane to believe if you can open your mind a bit and think about it. I mean you’re expecting me to believe the rock layers (that make more sense with a flood) are created by water erosion over billions of years. You’re wanting me to believe that, even though we don’t ever see any transition fossils, that animal kind transitioned from other animal kinds. You want me to believe abiogenesis which no scientist can ever prove so you have to take it by faith. You also want me to believe my morality, my love, my judgements are all an accident and untrustworthy. That takes too much faith lol

  18. Ha Ha. You are leading everybody on a paper trail. Maybe your name is not Ava Reyes, most probably an evoiutionist or an athiest tryiing to trash the Bible. I was once like you, a hard drinking-chain smoking mariner; i’ve been around. Today Im a born again Christian, I have seen the power of God who took away my addictions in one day.First, all those who trash the Bible forget one thing. Whatever you call “morality ” came to you from the Bible. If your native language is not English, but you were educated in it, it is because of the Bible. FYI, 1.The flood did happen.; 2. If you are talking about God, dont forget satan, who wants people to live in ignorance about God’s love for you. Since God said that the ” seed of the woman” would destroy the devil, he incited rebellion in God’s kingdom, and got his fallen angels to corrupt the earth. The earth had to be destroyed because the DNA of humankind had been so corrupted that it was unredeemable, except for Noah’s family.; and 3. Noah’s ark was sufficient. read:; and 4. Do you know how much you and the rest of the world has been impacted by the Bible? Whatever you call goodness, morality, love is because of the Bible. Otherwise, it’s just survival of the species, survival of the fittest. No problem to kill, murder, etc. read:

  19. Origins of the earth, The flood, the ice age that followed the flood, all are in agreement with science and geology. GET EDUCATED!!!!

  20. Seriously, a lot of you need to layoff the YouTube videos and start using credible sources for information.

  21. Most inaccurate picture ever. Scripture says 2 of every KIND. so 2 dogs! Not 2 of every breed of dog. 2 cats. Not 2 of every breed. There’s only about 6000-7000 animals total on the ark. And they were most likely all babies! Why would you bring full grown adult animals?? Babies eat less. Sleep more. Poop less. They’re more resilient and they live longer to repopulate the earth too, which is exactly why they’re on the ark to begin with.

    Where do you draw the lines for “kinds” of animals? God said all the animals would bring forth after their kinds. So, if 2 animals can successfully produce children, they are the same kind. A Pomsky is a pomeranian /husky. Both are dogs.

    And there were eight people. Not 4.

    It’s funny how evolutionism has taught us for decades that variation happens over time, but now they reject their own framework and they say that 2 dogs CAN’T produce 300 species of dog.

  22. “It is unwarranted to insist that all the present species, not to mention all the varieties and sub varieties of animals in the world today, were represented in the Ark.

    Nevertheless, as a gigantic barge, with a volume of 1,396,000 cubic feet (assuming 1 cubit = 17.5 inches), the Ark had a carrying capacity equal to that of 522 standard stock cars as used by modern railroads or of 8 freight trains with 65 such cars in each!

    ….there was no need for Noah to make provisions for fishes,..tunicates,..echinoderms,..mollusks,..coelenterates,..sponges,..protozoans,…
    This eliminates 142,000 “species” of marine creatures.
    In addition, some mammals are aquatic;
    the amphibians need not all have been included;
    a large number of arthropods..

    For all practical purposes, one could say that, at the outside, there was need for no more than 35,000 individual vertebrae animals on the Ark.

    The total number of so-called species of mammals, birds,reptiles, and amphibians listed by Mayr is 17,600, but undoubtedly the number of orginal “kinds” was less than this.

    Assuming the average size of these animals to be about that of a sheep, the following will give an idea of the accommodations available: …”
    – The Genesis Flood
    By Morris & Whitcomb

    This subject (OP) has been answered.
    The response is reasonable.
    The choice to not accept the answer is on the skeptic.

  23. The animals prob went into hibernation….Dont think for a minute that they needed to be fed….lol

  24. I mean if you’re gonna misunderstand something, swing for the fences, right? Go big or go home. Well done Ava!

  25. Because the measurements back then did not confirm to the measurements we define it today. Cubit used to mean big unlike now.

  26. This is not CHRISTIAN apologetics. There are a lot of skeptics and doubters sowing seeds of schism through out this group. Atheists and agnostics and attackers of the Christian faith are in here.

    I really thought this place was a safe place to bring up things and respectfully give arguments when we disagree. Even attacks on the Bible.

    But no. I’ve been called names. Racist names. Derogatory names. A lair. A false this and that. Who the heck is allowing all this???

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