Spiritual warfare is very real….

Spiritual warfare is very real….


Spiritual warfare is very real. Even to those who really do not believe in God or the Bible or Jesus dying on the cross. They do not realize they are in a battle without even knowing it. satan has deceived them so discreetly even through human beings. But its the same with us as well who are saved. The bible warns and raises the bar on sins that were allowed and GOD would look away but now He does not look away any longer.

The point is…no matter if we are saved or not. Spiritual warfare still exists whether we choose to believe it or not. Whether we accept it or not. Whether we decide within our own hearts what we CHOOSE to believe to make us feel better. Crazy thing is…demons and devils believe GOD and Jesus exists along with HOLY SPIRIT and they even tremble. They are SMARTER than us in that sense. Man always desires to reason on everything including thinking in their own wisdom and reasoning proposing they are so smart above even God Himself. When it is the LORD GOD King of all creation who created “intelligence”, “wisdom” and “reasoning” in the first place.

They literally take the laws of logic and reasoning, which originally belongs to GOD in the first place, to come against Him. So it is, JESUS warns and reveals GOD a little more accurately than before by becoming human. And we still reject and come against a loving GOD.

Why do we reject? When all He keeps doing is saying, “I WANT TO GIVE YOU EVERLASTING LIFE so you do not die again.” And we say, “NO” to that? That is not reasonable. He also says, “I WANT TO LOVE YOU FOREVER AND BE GOOD TO YOU, YOU ARE MY CREATION.” And once again we say, “NO” you can keep that GOD. And they throw ‘RELIGION’ in there to knock us off course and thwart us from the original perspective and the reason for the GOSPEL.

We are also blinded by TECHNOLOGY! How can there be a GOD with all this technology and science? “There is no GOD”; they say to themselves. I believe if we were primitive today and did not have the knowledge and technology we have today…modern man would not feel so far away from GOD and the LORD would not seem to portray an old concept just to make people feel better. The Lord would be more real in a sense.

Something to think about.

-Dr. Luis Lopez JR

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