How do Evangelicals respond to this

How do Evangelical friends respond to this:
I am an ecumenically minded Catholic Christian who admires his Evangelical brothers and sisters for their emphasis on personal conversion, their love of the Scriptures and their missionary enthusiasm.
What I do not admire the way that so many of them take the Bible totally literally, assume that everyone who has not invited the Lord Jesus into their heart is going to hell, and fail to realise that they interpret the Bible within a received tradition of interpretation.
In the case of American Evangelicals there is also a tendency to confuse an ideology of militarism, consumer capitalism and authoritarian values with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. (This is not the case with most British Evangelicals).
Is this fair?

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  1. Duncan,I know that many Catholic do know Jesus and love Him dearly.Unfortunatly they are not allowed to study the Bible,and the (priest themselves , don’t read much,as they read all the other books)and unfortunately they do not know and most of them do are not in possession on the Bible

  2. Paul wrote study to show yourself approved by god rightly dividing the word of truth. Don’t approach this study with any preconceived ideas let scripture interpret itself and read in context including historical context

  3. Scripture is Gods word. Either we follow it or we dont. Nobody is telling anybody that they have to do either. I respectfully submit that if we decide which part of scripture is to be taken to task and which part is not then what is the point of reading the scripture at all. Do we not become idols of our own selves then if we do that

  4. I can’t speak for all evangelicals & wouldn’t try, but I don’t take the entire Bible LITERALLY;though I DO take it all SERIOUSLY.

  5. RCC is the adversary to the message of Christ and their Claims, History, false teachings and doctrines are clearly seen as the fruit they produce.

    Evangelical and Pentecostals have also their own false teachings and doctrines, misinformation and misinterpretation of scriptures.
    Baptist’s, LDS, JW’s and all others are all the same in their false teachings and doctrines, so none are innocent.

    This is because Christ ended Theocracy, though not many will here that message from any pulpit as that will make people realise that God is not a respecter of person and the Holy Spirit is available to each and every believer who is sanctified, purified and Justified by Christ Jesus.

    After all, Christ said “I Am the Way the Truth and the Life and none can come to the Father but through me”!

    What is not understood here, where is there mention of one’s religion or denomination? Where is the mention of one’s creed, doctrine or statement of faith?

    Christ said my kingdom is not of this world (Physical) but of the Kingdom to come (Spiritual).
    Those who are reconciled to the light of life itself, Himself receiving the Spirit of God belong to the Spiritual Church Christ is the head of, so if one is defining God by their religion or denomination, their brand of God, then one is either deceived or have no truth in them.
    You choose.

  6. I am an Evangelical. I don’t limit God in His power and grace to save throughout denominations (no one should). I take the Bible with great consideration to Context and Hermeneutics. As a former Catholic, New Ager, and cult member, I interpret the Bible within the light of my own personal experiences with the Lord and ask the Holy Spirit to reveal things to me. I have no qualms about questioning our pastors, have challenged them many times, and continuously weigh differing interpretations.

    As for my American Evangelical friends, there are both Democrats and Republicans among them, and people in the middle.

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