Back in April the exc. counsel put out a notice…

Back in April the exc. counsel put out a notice of a widespread shortfall of money in the COG, the money squeeze is on and has been on for several years. There are many reasons for this. For one thing the average person’s wages have not kept up with the cost of living. Another reason is that the culture of consumerism is running red hot and as for as I can tell COG members are just as involved in consuming as the rest of society.
It is not hard to look around the church and see families spending more on ” smartphones ” than they give to the church. Car salesmen have convinced them to buy up and up so that now many are paying more on their cars than they do on their homes. Cable TV can now cost several dollars per day. Will the church rob God to pay for amenities? In Peter’s first sermon he said; ” get out of this sick and stupid culture! ” ( The Message ) ” Yet in the hundreds of sermons that I have heard no pastor has taught his people how to break the yoke of consumerism!

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