I believe in Pre-Tribulation Rapture. I think we can only…

I believe in Pre-Tribulation Rapture. I think we can only reason this futuristic event which is not yet proven but to the most likely possibility. We can’t absolutize many of the eschatological beliefs. Meaning, I will give some room for mistakes if I did and preparing for otherwise.

/// Pre-trib. Like “the days of Noah” : warning of a judgement day = eschatology , preparation of the ark for salvation = preparation for the rapture for salvation/redemption , the catastrophic flood = tribulation . Otherwise, the key question is why is there a rapture ? Post-trib believers confused of those persecuted Christians during the tribulation as on-going Christians . Those are NEW CHRISTIANS who are not a believer until they realized Christianity is the truth of life and who wouldn’t submit to the beast knowingly he’s a liar against God. No one will live for a lie knowingly it’s a lie and will live for the truth of life. But for those who don’t have the courage against the beast will choose to live for a lie thus they lost the salvation in Christ at the end of the judgement day . God gave mankind free will, the beast is against God and will rape mankind’s free will to the extent of “ no rights of buying and selling”. We are already living in an electronic world , our identities, access to electronic currency and access to doors. This is very real now and not fictional. God’s grace will not last until the end time. It is now. \

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