I find agnostics amusing. “But we cannot truly ‘know’ God…

I find agnostics amusing. “But we cannot truly ‘know’ God exists”, they say. Ok, true. But here’s 2 things to consider:
1. God is i**ntentionally **subtle and gives us neither empirical proof of His existence nor allows rationality to disprove His existence. Human choice is maintained. Faith has a role to play. Rationality has a role to play, but is not the deciding factor.
1. Inference. Humans use it all the time. If you choose to get married, you are ‘inferring’ that your spouse is going to be normal over their lifetime and not be insane and murder you while you sleep. You don’t “know” this for a fact, but you ‘infer’ it from what you observe about your spouse and the world around you. You make a choice based on what you believe are probable outcomes. How is that any different than the theist?

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