I have this dilemma and I want to share it…

I have this dilemma and I want to share it with you.

We want our members to refute heresies and challenge those who are against the scripture so we allow non-believers and heretics to post in the group.

However, I see the pattern in the comments that most of us don’t really defend it. I’m also concerned that our members usually don’t refute it and just show hate on the OP. Most of them will just resort to name calling or one-liner statement like “that’s nonsense, blasphemy!, you’re a heretic, read the bible”.

I’m afraid our group is being used as a channel/medium for the anti-Christs (i cant find another word for it) to sow confusion/doubt to our members who are new to the faith.

My initial thought was to decline those who are against the Christian believe but it will also make us an echo-chamber.

I would love to know your thoughts but please, practice kindness in all your comments. Our admins are looking into this matter seriously and we apologise if we have been soft on this issue.

— your brother in Christ

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