The Holy Spirit revealed this little nugget while meditating on Matthew 25:31-46.  

Jesus challenges and encourages us to be righteous and live out the faith we have in Him.  There is a day coming that there will be a time of separation based on not only what we believe but how we lived out what we believe.  Faith without works is dead.  

Jesus might not appear to us everyday in the same silhouette or portrayal we have seen in Passion of Christ, images, wall decor, etc... He just might decide to appear in disguise.  Jesus might show up in the form of a hungry child, a thirsty man, a stranger, a "naked" person, a sick mom, or a person in "prison".  The obvious is taking the literal and responding accordingly.  We must do the practical of welcoming these "Jesus in disguise" people into our schedule and circumstances.

If you allow me to dig a little further, I believe we are to welcome these situations because there is a deeper desire that needs to be met.  

I / YOU Principle ... There might be a wall (/) of fear, hesitancy, ignorance, separating the "I" and the "YOU".  

"I" am Hungry / "YOU" can offer the Bread of Life.  His life-changing and satisfying Word.
"I" am Thirsty / "YOU" can offer hope.  Hope that reaches out & holds on to Jesus. 
"I" am a Stranger / "YOU" can offer a home, the church. The place to crash, stay, grow, belong!
"I" am Naked / "YOU" can offer a covering called respect, dignity, and restoration. 
"I" am Sick / "YOU" can offer prayer, comfort, help, healing in the name of Jesus. 
"I" am in Prison / "YOU" can offer freedom from the chains of Satan by the blood of Jesus.  

Some of us are the "I"s!  Some of us are the "YOU"s! What is the catalyst that transforms...

I / YOU 
I __ YOU

Just staring at that line screams out one word...


The catalyst is LOVE!  Jesus is telling us to bring down the wall (/) and lay down our pride and self and let LOVE flow (___) out from us into the people & situations around us.  

He is teaching, commanding, encouraging, challenging us to LIVE OUT LOVE!  We do it because one day we were the "I"s and a "YOU" lived out love.  We do it because Jesus let His love flow into our lives and it must flow out of us.

So when Jesus shows up in disguise this week, please know that our response will have eternal impact for you and them alike.  LIVE OUT THE LOVE we received!

Enjoying The Ride, 

Pastor Cee