In light of some of the discussions around the “Trinity”…

In light of some of the discussions around the “Trinity” in my previous post on this page. Here is a challenge to people on all sides of this debate:
# Lay your tradition (views on the trinity) aside for a moment
## Study through John chapter 1 (using several versions) slowly and write down all propositions about God, Jesus and the Word – as a List

Then at the end review whether you can make your tradition fit all the propositions of just this chapter. It is my contention that this chapter alone is entirely sufficient to clarify what the catholic (not Roman Catholic) church at large has believed ever since the early church, namely the trinitarian view of the Godhead in the Father , Son and Holy Ghost.

## It is important for you as a believer that you can answer this question outside of your church tradition for yourself
# Enjoy the process 🙂

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