In memoriam: Dr. Bill Sheeks

In memoriam: Dr. Bill Sheeks

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He was my state overseer when I pastored in Illinois years ago. May God be present with his family.
~Roughrider COG

What a great guy, we really enjoyed him here in California when he came in on special assignments. Praying for his family.
~Dean Steenburgh

Bill Sheeks was a Christian gentleman, a man of genuine compassion and care–an asset to the COG who will be missed.
~Old Time Country Preacher

Dr. Bill F. Sheeks is an ordained bishop, evangelist and educator in the Church of God. He has served in numerous offices include state overseer of four states. In 1986 he was elected to the International Department of Evangelism and Home Missions where he served as assistant director and director. In 1996 he was elected to the International Executive Committee where he served as general secretary treasurer and assistant general overseer. Since his retirement he continues to teach at Lee University and evangelize. He is the author of numerous books on ministry and evangelism including “Winning Everyone: A Comprehensive Guide to Local Church Evangelism.”

Dr. Bill Sheeks served as:

  • Teacher, Lee University
  • Chairman, Historical Commission
  • Assistant General Overseer, Church of God
  • Assistant Director and Director, Evangelism and Home Missions
  • Evangelism and Home Missions
  • State Overseer and Director
  • Evangelism and Home Missions
  • Board Memberships and Affiliations
  • Executive Committee Member, Church of God
  • General Secretary Treasurer and Assistant General Overseer
  • International Executive Committee
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