In response to an earlier post about Christians and the…

In response to an earlier post about Christians and the superbowl, I’ve come up with this.

“If you pray for your football team, you might not be taking your Christianity seriously.” – Atheist thinker.

Ok (rolling up my sleeves). You (atheist) want to get into some deep conversation about God? Let’s do this (green sauce running down my mouth after a chip breaks off in my mouth).

Who do you think God, Jesus and the HS root for at the superbowl? Do you think they throw superbowl parties up there? If angels are invited, what about the “other side”? Who brings what snacks? How BIG is the big screen they watch the game on? Do they take advantage of the return policy and try to return the tv immediately after the game is over? Do you think they have DVR…….OR do you think it’s even necessary? Do you REALLY “believe” fumbles aren’t “planned” (wink) IF you know what I mean?? See, if you (atheist) really do “believe” fumbles are legitimate, then you DO have faith.

While celebrating a touchdown, what happens when 1 of them (God, Jesus or the HS) isn’t exactly experienced in victory celebrations OR sports (for that matter) and screams, “HOME RUN!!!!!” Does this mean everyone ELSE in the room just raises an eyebrow during this incredibly divine moment of ….wait for it……AWKWARD!!!! Who REALLY wants to be that guy who tries to pull God aside and “school” Him on the fine art of “Psst. Sir, this is n – o – t baseball” and try to keep THAT conversation discreet. Everyone immediately puts their finger to their nose and the 1 guy who was focused on the absolutely divine (pun intended) gwacamole sauce (however you spell it) wasn’t paying attention. So guess who draws the short straw pulling out the mobile white board with your dry erase marker to explain to GOD the difference between football and baseball?? The “inner circle” immediately draws a penalty because they’re OBVIOUSLY only here for the dip anyway. Peter wore the “colors” for BOTH teams cause of a momentary brain fart. So YOU (atheist) think you drew the short straw on this?? SERIOUSLY???!!! Try making superbowl snacks that actually make the Creator of the Universe say “Oh my God, this is absolutely amazing. What’s the recipe? Oh, wait, this is a little spicier than I’m used to. Did you use my garden tomatoes for this sauce? I guess that’s ok since I only said don’t eat the fruit”.

I think these very serious questions need to be addressed from behind the pulpit since the clergy have been avoiding these questions for YEARS. Those clergy DISqualified from trying to answer these questions are those who preach while donning the “colors” since they are OBVIOUSLY biased. I don’t know why this hasn’t been addressed…….OR maybe it has. MAYBE, it’s one of those hidden books of the bible that someone hasn’t discovered yet. I KNOW there is a papyrus scroll in a hidden entertainment center somewhere that has these answers that have all been answered by Moses (don’t think he didn’t have direct tv on that boat) or any other patriarch.

If you think this topic makes me and many other believers angry, don’t EVEN get me started on basketball (LOL).

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