In response to an UNconverted believer

In response to an UNconverted believer

In response to an UNconverted believer who in times past opposed the #truth, the #government of God even the #steward, and in response to a post I shared of Apostle Shanell Neyman, Discern Prophecy – Why prophecy the dirt? – he said the following, “Women are not ordained as Pastors, let alone apostles.” – which is a statement we hear a lot when the protesters resist grace and deny the truth, turning their attention to the person.

The role of Government
in the church of God today:➡️

My response:

Indeed, so many of the #false ministers/preachers of the False Religious System (denominational churches/Mother of Harlots) and many in their fold, keep on saying – which error they have transposed upon those who are also blind and accept their doctrines as a truth (doctrines of devils). They are the self appointed #keys who roguishly want to enter His courts in uncleanness, and tears His #stewardship from His hands by their ignorance and rebellion.

Herein are their error revealed: their lack of truth (knowledge) and their uncleanness which also defiles those who sit on their pews. They are as clouds without water, and as the blind leading the blind, and God is correcting their error today through the Rod of His power, Apostle Eric VonAnderseck.

Be not mistaken, the ideals and philosophies of what men perceive (who are broken from the Godhead) to be Gods truth, are not His truth, nor do they know the truth, lest they come to the steward of His election to be #cleansed from their #doctrinal error.

Your perception reflects the record of man by the moral code, which is prejudiced due to SIN. Your perception of the government of God is distorted. No where did God in any given time make a distinction to set the male gender above the female, for FAITH’s walk in truth… or make low a female to be a lesser being and not fit for service to HIM. That is the mind of a religious spirit (API). If that is what you think you obviously do not read your Bible as well as you have claimed.

The Bible is full of positive role models/examples of women who served God by faith, for example – Deborah, a prophet and a judge of God. She was a STEWARD of God for that appointed time, who judged Israel, to name but one. Taking her position as a steward which was a God appointed calling, to the 2nd covenant of Christ, one would say that she would have been called to be an apostle by the grace of God. IF you knew what a true #Apostle of God was, you would also be able to understand that connection I just made, because God does not just call a person to service of Him to lead His people and leave it up to themselves to contemplate HOW they will serve Him and HOW their faith will be approved and accepted of Him. God sets the rules – saying, HE sets the standard, HE gives the order for sanctification and HE sets the terms for faiths engagement with Him. Point.

Those who feel themselves called to service without due order of God, do so as unsanctified ministers and are unqualified to steward HIS truth to those who are hungry, poor, widowed and orphans in the wilderness.

God calls for service by #grace. In His Kingdom there are no prejudice pertaining to race, culture, gender, tradition or even signature skills/gifts. In Gods Kingdom faith is ONLY qualified by grace through faith that is TETHERED to the Godhead.

“Genealogy” (as claiming to be a Jew of the first birth) wont score high marks before God either, its all about Christ not about self. He is NOT a respecter of persons. And those who meet Gods standard of righteousness, are approved of Him by the token of the seal (Acts 2:4) evidenced by tongues and are brought into His household to serve Him by His mercy and in peace.

Therefore your own personal feelings, conclusions and perceptions about who is and who is not #authorised stewards of God’s grace and truth, stand in error against God’s order for government and thus you also stand against Him. Even if you have great sincerity and zeal for God, THAT does not qualify your faith in God. This is called faithlessness.


I will add for your learning a link to read more about the TRUE #Government of God: ➡️

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