Recap: Second Day of Fighting

Recap: Second Day of Fighting

Over the past 24 hours, the IDF continued with Operation Pillar of Defense, targeting dozens of rocket launching sites, inflicting severe damage to the rocket launching capabilities of terror organizations operating in the Gaza Strip. In addition, IAF aircraft targeted several terrorist squads that were involved in firing rockets toward Israel.

The aim of targeting these sites is to impair the rocket launching capability of terror organizations in the Gaza Strip and hamper their continued build up.

IDF dropped warning leaflets over Gaza

IDF dropped warning leaflets over Gaza

Since the start of the operation the Israeli Air Force has targeted 300 terror activity sites in the Gaza Strip.

Additionally, Armored Forces targeted terror activity sites in the northern Gaza Strip.

This evening, Israeli Navy soldiers fired towards Hamas’ terror targets on the Gaza shore line.

Over the past few days, over 300 rockets were fired at Israeli communities. One rocket hit the central Israeli city Rishon Lezion, located approximately 60 km from the Gaza Strip.

Additionally, three Israelis were killed when a rocket hit their house.

The Iron Dome Missile Defense System has successfully intercepted over 130 rockets launched from Gaza, aimed at Israel.

Hamas – that rules over the Gaza strip, has turned it into a frontal base for Iran, forcing Israeli citizens to live under unbearable circumstances.

The IDF is determined to continue targeting sites that are used to carry out terror attacks against Israeli citizens.

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