Iran (old name Persia) was once a world power in…

Iran (old name Persia) was once a world power in ancient history. With the on going tension between US and Iran and the alarming possiblity of WW3, we can’t help but to worry about what’s going to happen next.

The book of Daniel accurately predicted what would happen in the future – from ancient Babylon to our modern world today. There’s only 1 part of this prophecy that has not been fulfilled yet and that is the coming of the KING!

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2 thoughts on “Iran (old name Persia) was once a world power in…

  1. Shabo Geshig says:

    All he did was read from the book. No knowledge whatsoever. Had he’d known what Daniel was all about he would have had a different more astounding message. I say this because I know what Daniel saw. What Daniel saw occurring in the last days was so awful that it sickened him for days, as it did the Disciple John.
    Scriptures are opening up as we speak. Knowledge is increasing. Wake up people Mashiach is Coming, and His reward is with Him.

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