Partnership Award Winners for 2020–2022

Church of God World Missions is pleased to announce the Partnership Award Winners for 2020 – 2022. Church Awards & Recognitions Multi-Cultural First Romanian Territory Chicago-Philadelphia Florin Cimpean Category 1 – 50 in Membership First Tennessee Ladd Springs Dennis McGuire Runner-Up Kentucky London-Grace Fellowship Dale Campbell Category 51 – 100 in Membership First South Carolina Huggin O... »

He, and He Alone, Must be Lifted Up

The historical hour we currently live in is saturated with prophetical signs that tell us how urgent the mission of Christ really is on this earth. The church and every Christian must be absorbed in and totally committed to the exaltation of Jesus Christ. He himself tells us why this is required in John 12:32 [...] »

Gentle Hands Has New Corporate Partnership

International Diplomatic Supplies Dubai was founded in 1997 and is one of the world’s leading duty-free suppliers to the Diplomatic Corps. It is an organization of the highest quality. IDS has generously come on board to help support Gentle Hands’ Home School Program. In addition to financial support, IDS is sending three volunteer teams from [...] »

Jesus Has Come

For some time, I have prayed, struggled, meditated and sincerely sought the Lord for something from Him to share, hoping that what was given to me would alleviate the anxiety and stress of this hour that all of us face in a world racing toward judgement. I had a strange experience in the wee hours of [...] »