Dr. James Beaty: Journey to World Missions

We recently talked with James M. Beaty, a pioneer COGWM missionary. He is 94 years old, but recalled clearly and beautifully the story of his calling and early years in missions. These are his words. On Sunday night, April 14, 1940, the Lord saved and sanctified me and on Thursday night following He baptized me [...] »

Grady Murphy Accepts New Position

Church of God World Missions is pleased to announce H. Grady Murphy has accepted a new position as Community Missions Coordinator. Murphy is no stranger to World Missions. He has worked in the department for over 15 years, first as a webmaster, a video coordinator and, most recently, as Coordinator of Global Communications. “Grady Murphy has been a faithful and ... Read More »

Dr George Voorhis OUT of this WORLD

Dr George Voorhis OUT of this WORLD



This booklet is designed to help elders to evaluate the qualifications for both a home and foreign missionary.  It is  also useful for the churches that sponsor a military chaplain. As the introduction states it is expected that the sending church will use these guidelines with the candidate to determine the suitability of the candidate for ARBCA supported missions. INTRODUCTION Just before he die... »