Is Satan REALLY Afraid of Us?

Just a thought I've been dwelling on all day. People often say that Satan fears the Christian, especially one who is "on fire." I wonder... where do we get that? OK, there is a scripture that says one can put a thousand to flight, and two ten thousand. But is that referencing Satan?  Here's where the thought gets interesting. When Jesus came out of the wilderness and 40 days of fasting, he was still Jesus.... right? In fact, fasting draws us into closer relationship with God... so... what does Satan do? He comes face to face with Jesus and tempts him! He did not run away. You have to understand, we are dealing with an enemy who was given dominion over the earth when Adam and Eve sinned. He has a right... and is up to us to use the Word of God and the Holy Spirit to take back what he has stolen. But he is NOT afraid of us. He actually thinks he is going to win this battle. This is why we are to put on the whole armor of God and be soberly alert at all times because his fiery darts are going to be coming at us. It's not like he is hiding behind a rock or a tree. He's in this fight for real... and he is serious!  Are we?  We'd better be!