Is your church prepared?

Is your church prepared?

Dear Ministers and Pastors,

As church leaders, you are at the forefront of sharing the Gospel with local communities. But the culture around us is changing, and we have much more to be concerned about than we did even a decade ago.

Because of the changing culture, churches across the country are experiencing legal challenges that threaten their religious freedom. These challenges relate to the use of church facilities, sexual orientation and gender identity laws, equal access to government grants and property, employment regulations, and more.

At a time when so much is changing, we have to ask ourselves, is my church prepared to handle these legal issues? In a threat to our church's religious freedom, how would we respond?

We've partnered with ADF Church Alliance to help us address these important concerns. ADF Church Alliance is a legal membership program that helps prepare and protect your church's religious freedom, so you can freely live and preach the Gospel.

Benefits of membership include:

  • Religious liberty audit: ADF reviews your church's constitution, bylaws, and policies to expose and correct areas of legal risk.
  • Direct access to attorneys: Consult with ADF attorneys whenever you have legal questions.
  • Resources: Access resources to help you and your congregation navigate religious freedom issues.
  • Pro bono legal representation: ADF can represent your church in cases involving its religious freedom.

You can learn more about the program by clicking here. Check out videos from Dr. Tim Hill, COG General Counsel Dennis Watkins, and Pastor J.C. Worley from GO Church.

Join Today. It's simple!

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