It’s On… Again

It's time to get serious about my weight again. I had been getting pretty lazy and careless about it and let my weight slip back up to just under 200 pounds going into this fall, which is at least 10 pounds heavier than my cardiologist wants me. Ideally, he wants me down to 175, but that just is not happening. I don't like the way I look when I'm that thin at all. But I told him I'd like to stay at about 185-190 and he was happy with that. As I said, I really was careless and eating the wrong stuff and not getting my exercise going into the fall... and then the sickness and blood loss hit me. At first I dropped with this, but then, I began to pack it on. Part of it was the fact that I felt so bad during the months of October - December that I found myself eating a lot of "comfort foods." Along with this prolonged sickness came a lot of depression. Coupled with this, I was just flat out weak. I was functioning missing 2 pints of blood, and I was weak and freezing all the time. So, I sat a lot. I slept a lot. I ate a lot. The long story short is that I'm WAY overweight, weighing more now than I did last April when I had the heart issues. I am feeling a lot better, but I am still far from my normal self. I'm still weak and very low on energy. But it has to begin now.
I'm declaring war on my own body. I need to lose, at a bare minimum, 22 pounds.
So, it's on. Time to push away from the comfort foods and get back to eating to live instead of living to eat.  By April, I want my weight to be back in my target area. 
So... here we go.

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