It’s the small things

Have you ever noticed that in life, it's the small things that really hurt the worse and cause you to loose focus on the bigger picture? Take a splinter for example. You could have a little splinter in your foot and after a while, you will be walking around like you need crutches. A paper cut feels like your finger has been severed from your hand. The thing about little things is that if you have enough of them happen at one time, you loose your ability to function and stay focused.

These last few weeks have been that way for us. I am not one to share much of things that happen in our lives, especially the "rough" stuff. I have always felt that God hears our cry and He will provide a way of escape. I have always believed that when you get to the end of your rope, tie a knot in it and hang on. Well, it just seems lately that the knot that is at the end of this rope is covered in grease.

Remember I said that it was the small things? Yesterday my sons pet lizard died for NO apparent reason. We have had this lizard for 2 years and my son has taken care of it daily without fail or without prompting. He was devastated. The entire time that I listen to him cry himself to sleep, I was furious with God for letting his pet die. Why God did Jared have to deal with this pain. He has done NOTHING wrong. I know to some this may be trivial, but to a 9 year old boy, this was painful. And to a daddy that could not do anything about was infuriating................................... All of this over A LIZARD!!

I wish I could say that I have some revelation or insightful truth to end this post with, but quite frankly, I'm still yelling at God.