I’ve been seeing many people on my friends list talking…

I’ve been seeing many people on my friends list talking about dietary laws and the importance of keeping the Sabbath. I’m under the impression that the dietary laws were specific to the Israelites for a specific time for a specific purpose and that God has declared all foods clean.

Can anyone help me with scripture that will help solidify my view?

Even better, help me understand why people think that the dietary laws are still in place for EVERYONE, not just the Israelites.

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  1. Mk 7:19For it does not enter into his heart but into his stomach, and goes out into the latrine”—thus declaring all foods clean.
    Ro 14:20Do not destroy the work of God on account of food. All things are clean, but it is wrong for the person who eats and stumbles in the process.

  2. from a jewish text on the basics.


    Arguments can be made for and against the need for kosher laws today in the lives of Jewish believers. Clearly Gentiles may eat of any meat as long as they avoid eating blood. Even Jewish believers who do not believe that the kosher laws are still in effect may choose to avoid non-kosher meat out of custom or as a witness to the Jewish community. Each person will have to study the Scriptures and determine what God wants him to do. Since there is room for differing interpretations, it is important not to argue about this issue. If someone disagrees with you about the kosher laws, recognize that they may be right. If you abstain, do so freely out of love for God, and if you eat, do not be bothered by those who do not.”
    Walking with Yeshua: Beginning Steps for New Believers

  3. Let’s talk about the scientific facts about eating unclean foods. The pig is an unclean animal as it eats anything and everything and hence it’s body is toxic and infested with parasites. That’s why people get pork worms in their brains.

    The crustaceans are the cleaners of the ocean as they eat the garbage at the bottom of the ocean..hence they are called bottom feeders and their bodies are toxic as well.

    So the Biblical dietary law is nothing but a dietary plan of eating only those animals that are not toxic to our bodies. However, it also mentions about the parts of the animal which can be eaten and not everything of that animal is to be eaten.

    So use wisdom and understanding in regards to what foods are beneficial for our bodies and for our overall health.

  4. In Genesis 9 God commanded for all animals to be food for Noah and his descendants. If you look at that and then consider Mark 7 as mentioned above, Romans 14, 1 Timothy 4:3-5 and you’ll see that the dietary requirements of the Mosaic Law were not part of God’s moral law, but rather the ceremonial law. The animals considered ‘unclean’ in the Mosaic Law were animals that were not fit for sacrifice.

  5. For purposes of clean and unclean Old Teztament laws, in the new testament as a moral issue do not apply.. Says the new testament.

  6. Clean and unclean meat was known before there were Israelites. Noah knew the difference. Also, with Peter and the sheet, Peter said he learned to cal no man unclean, and after this went to see Cornelius, a Gentile. Prior to this he was uncomfortable with it. This is why the vision was given.

  7. Justgot Just got to look at the Coronavirus going on and its it’s origins, apparently its derived from various animals meat being cross contaminated, I’m sure God has a purpose in disallowing certain animals not to be eaten, not through His Law but because of His awareness of whats what’s best for us.

  8. Rory LeBeouf the “dietary laws” last until the death of Jesus Hebrews 7:11,12. The did not begin until the Levitical law was given to Israel and they are not a part of the law of Christ.

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