King Herod’s Tomb Found?

Researchers from a University in Israel are claiming to have found the tomb of King Herod the great.
Althought there is no body in the tomb, they believe the
sarcophagus with ornate displays is that of King Herod; however, researchers say they must have some sort of "name inscription" to confirm this.
Herod the great came into power under the Romans in about AD 40. The walls that can be seen around Jerusalem today were built under the leadership of King Herod, during the time of the rebuilding of the second temple. He also was involved in the massive construction projects
in Caesaria, Jericho, the hilltop fortress of Massada and other locations.
Interestingly enough, he was also blamed in the Gospel of Mathew for ordering innocent male infants to be executed in Bethelehem, because he feared losing power to the "new king" which was prophesied to be born there.
One researcher has been on this site since 1970. He claims that there is a long road ahead of them to confirm the identity of King Herod. But, he states that he is on the right track.