Links Of The Week

So I know that it's been a little while since I've done a post in this series, but I'm back this week with some great new links that will hopefully help to resource you and your ministry. I hope that you'll give them a look...and if you have any helpful links to offer or bring to the table then please feel free to share. Here are this weeks links: - This site should be a staple resource for every one out there who works in youth ministry. It is packed full of just about any youth ministry resource and idea that you can think of...or can't. Not only can you find and buy a bunch of great stuff here, but they also give a ton of it away for FREE. Check it's a great site. - These guys offer some really sharp looking media resource. They offer everything from still and moving backgrounds to custom design for logos and website. They can be a bit pricey...but hey, you get what you pay for. - This is a great website that I just recently discovered that focuses on telling the stories and testimonies of people whose lives have been radically changed by Jesus Christ. The format, design, and artistic approach in which they present these clips is both engaging and very moving. This is something that you can definitely use to enhance your ministry and you'll find clips for just about every topic that you can imagine. - This is a site that is geared toward young adults, college age students and those serving young adults, primarily within the local church setting. Designed with young adults in mind this site is filled with all kinds of great resources, articles and media geared towards this particular group. Since resources for college age student ministry are a rarity, this is a phenomenal site that you'll definitely want to keep in mind. - This is the nonprofit organization behind the Rob Bell NOOMA films. These films are designed to give people a fresh look at the teachings of Jesus in whole new light. This film series works exceptionally well especially in small group setting, or even just for personal devotion. If you do decide to use them in a small group setting then you can also obtain a study guide and discussion book for each film. Again, this is another great resource that works well with the college age/young adult crowd. They also offer other Rob Bell resources outside of NOOMA on this site as well.

So there you have sure and check them all out because you never know when you may need some of this stuff, and it may just be the very thing that you're looking for. Also, be sure to remember to keep checking back periodically for more great Links Of The Week. Until then, I pray that Lord continues to bless all of you in your ministries and that you continue to thrive, prosper and find favor in all that you do. Keep it real.