Living Beyond Heaven

It may seem difficult to comprehend that there is something better than heaven!  Growing up in a minister’s home, my teaching and visual concept was that heaven was the ultimate final destination. However, I have discovered one thing “better than heaven itself”. It’s you being responsible for taking other people to heaven with you! Heaven would not be the same without my family and loved ones being there.

There is also another unique opportunity that you experience to “Live Beyond Heaven”. How is this possible? Consider our mental conception and spiritual understanding of heaven; the land beyond this world. Once we depart this life, our eternal spirit enters the heavenly paradise, and we cease from our labors, entering into eternal rest (Heb. 4:9). Yet, it is possible to continue “living on earth” while dwelling in heaven, not physically but by the power of influence!

There are many ministers who have passed into eternity, yet their television and radio programs continue to release blessings to thousands. Their books are still popular reading and their voice on audio format continue to shout out in a clear voice the messages from the inspired Word of God. There physical presence is missing, but their voice continues strong. The point is, the end of your life does not necessarily mean the end of your influence. Your obedience, influence, and purpose can actually outlive you, living beyond your final journey home.

This unique opportunity is being made possible to you, through the Voice of Evangelism Legacy Giving Plan. This plan was set into motion after hearing a very amazing and unique word from the Holy Spirit. While in study and payer, I clearly heard these words, “the dead shall build the ministry!” Anyone hearing this statement without hearing the explanation, would consider the idea “far out”. However, I immediately comprehended this prediction.

It referred to men, women, and families who would place Voice of Evangelism and OCI Ministries in their estate plannings, charitable annuities, and final Will and Testaments. Although their physical presence will be missed, they continue to reach souls as a result of their legacy giving.