Huge Banner Declaring ‘Trump Or Death’ Dropped During The Playing Of The National Anthem At Yankee Stadium Last Night Signals ‘Civil War’ 2024

Huge Banner Declaring ‘Trump Or Death’ Dropped During The Playing Of The National Anthem At Yankee Stadium Last Night Signals ‘Civil War’ 2024

A ‘Trump or Death’ banner at Yankee Stadium last night points to a very contentious 2024 presidential election that just might end in all-out civil war

Donald Trump is facing the battle of his life, and indeed for his life, with a mind-numbing 91 criminal charges across four jurisdictions — Georgia, Florida, New York, and the District of Columbia. He has three trial dates set for 2024 so far. And all this is unfolding as he runs for the presidency again. How is his voter base reacting to all this? If the ‘Trump or Death’ banner that was unfurled during the playing of the National Anthem at last night’s Yankees game is any indication, buckle up and prepare for war. Civil war.

“When the righteous are in authority, the people rejoice: but when the wicked beareth rule, the people mourn.” Proverbs 29:2 (KJB)

NTEB has told you for many years now that the administration of Barack Obama and Joe Biden set the stage for the coming Civil War 2.0 here in America, and as we reach the halfway point of Obama’s Third Term, things are rapidly reaching the proverbial boiling point. How will it all end up? Only the Lord knows for sure, but as far as the ‘handwriting on the wall’ goes, we are shaping up to be heading into quite the storm. Welcome to Day 1,271 of 15 Days To Flatten The Curve. All hands on deck.

Trump’s 4 indictments, ranked by the stakes

FROM VOX: Amid all this, Trump is running for president again and facing several challengers in the Republican primary. He retains a massive poll lead. These multiple indictments haven’t hurt him just yet; if anything, they’ve helped, as GOP voters have rallied around him. Currently, Trump’s DC trial is scheduled for March 4, 2024, his New York trial is scheduled for March 25, 2024, and his Florida trial is scheduled for May 20, 2024. The Iowa caucuses are on January 15, 2024, while Nevada and South Carolina’s contests come in February. Super Tuesday is on March 5. Unless one of his challengers surges before March, Trump could have the nomination mostly wrapped up before any of the trials begin.

Even if Trump’s found guilty, or even if he’s jailed, he technically wouldn’t be disqualified from taking office. If he wins the GOP nomination, he’ll still be on the ballot in the general election. So only the voters can stop Trump from becoming president again.

Will Trump go to prison? How long could his sentence be?

The technical “maximum sentence” Trump could face if convicted of everything he’s been charged with is absurdly high — hundreds of years — but in practice, such high sentences are almost never given. Yet — though we’re a long way off from Trump actually being behind bars — he really is in danger of getting serious time.

His eventual sentence, if he is convicted, will depend on several factors in each jurisdiction, none more important than whether the juries will even convict him. The strength of each case and the politics of each area could well influence this — given political polarization, winning a conviction may well be easier in DC and New York than in the mostly conservative area of Florida where he will be tried. (Recall it only takes one holdout juror to block a conviction.)

Then, if he is convicted, what sentence will the judge hand down? Judges have broad discretion to hand down a sentence they feel is appropriate. Judge Tanya Chutkan of DC will hear the federal case against Trump for trying to steal the 2020 election, and she has been the toughest sentencer for January 6 rioters, suggesting she may lean more toward the maximum if given the chance. Meanwhile, Judge Aileen Cannon of Florida has the documents case, and she is a Trump appointee who has already arguably stretched the law to try and help him out; a conviction in her courtroom could be on the lighter side.

Once he’s sentenced, will higher court judges rescue him on appeal? Some of the cases against him use novel legal reasoning that hasn’t been tested before. So far, the Florida case appears the clearest and best grounded in precedent, while the election cases are more novel (no president has tried to do what Trump did before, after all) and the New York hush money case has been somewhat legally controversial. If Trump is convicted, then, his eventual fate may end up in the Supreme Court.

Finally, any Trump sentence could be scuttled if he wins the presidency. If Trump is back in power, he would likely use executive power to end the federal prosecutions against him (the DC and Florida ones), and perhaps even pardon himself. He could not end the state prosecutions — the Georgia and New York ones — but if he wins the presidency, he could likely put off serving prison time until after his term concludes. So, again, it’s the voters who ultimately have the power to maximize, or minimize, Trump’s chances of going to prison. READ MORE

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