Living In History

Okay. I haven't posted a blog since November 2008 and my wife keeps telling me that if I'm going to blog, then I need to write something. She's right of course, but honestly I've hestitated from writing anything in light of the last election because I didn't want to write anything that might be misconstrued, but let me give it a shot.

We are living in the middle of a historical time, and not just because a bi-racial man is president. More importantly, much more importantly, we are living during a time when America as we know it is changing. We are moving away from a Free-Market model to a Socialist model. This is not necessarily a moral issue. One can be a Christian and be a Socialist. However, the history of other countries who have embraced the socialist model reveals that the outcome of this shift has not been positive. In Europe inflation is a major problem, unemployment is and remains very high, healthcare is inferior to that offerred in America, and most importantly, Christianity has been declining while Islam has continued to grow. Many buildings that were once churches are now Mosques. In fact, the very church from which William Carey was sent forth on his missionary efforts to India, is now a Mosque.

I don't think that we can draw a straight line from Socialism to the decline of Christianity, but there seems to be a correlation that merits interest and futher consideration.

We are in a time of historical shift, so much so, that I believe ten or twenty years from now (if the Lord has not returned by then) we will look back and bemoan that fact that the world changed for the worse, and we stood by and watched it happen.