Louisiana-Honduras missions

We are just back (last night) from Honduras where me, Pastor Bryan Strickland, Pastor Jim Milligan and my father were preparing for our October ministry trips. We are excited about the things God is doing and we look forward to our teams from Louisiana, Tennessee and North Carolina working together to do some really great stuff like rebuilding a parsonage in Saledito where Pastor Luciano and his family live in very poor housing. We are also going to help make major repairs for the parsonage of Pastor Lopez Garcia in San Juan Pueblo which will involve a roof and floor work.

For our Louisiana family, as you can see the Lassiegnes (Morgan and Ena) are well and prospering. God is blessing the French Harbor church and they are very happy. He is helping us with logistics for our work teams.

We spent one night at the Hogar Esperanza orphanage in San Pedro and saw the children there which are so dear to our hearts.

Busy week ahead...we are planning to launch our new website this week. I'll let you know!