Love With Its’ Work Boots On

Love With Its’ Work Boots On

Luke chapter 10 highlights a story Jesus shares to the professors of law at Pharisee University.  He just shared an answer that we know as the "Greatest Commandments".  And a professor at this training session tries to weasel out of his responsibilities and asks a question to justify his inaction or hardened heart.  This story we have learned, memorized, and even branded in culture as the "Good Samaritan" story.

We are wired for love.  A love that endures.  A love that built to last.  That kind of love requires kindness.  I want to focus on four things about KINDNESS from this story.  The victim is gasping for his breaths, beaten, wounded, and bleeding to death probably.  First we must affirm that kindness is love in action.

1. See the needs of people around us.  To see people, things, situations, we have to slow down.  When see the stranded driver on side of road, we slow down as we approach especially if we have a feeling its someone we might know.  The pastor and the brother from church saw the dying man on the road but passed by. 

To the "victims": Some have seen you hurting and dying but are too afraid to get down and dirty with you to help you get back up.  But hold on, your help is on the way. 

2. Feel their pain. Sympathy means the feeling that you care about and are sorry about someone else's trouble, grief, misfortune, etc.  Feeling their pain requires risk, courage, humility, patience, and listening.  Ask them what's going on?  Where does it hurt?  How can I help you, serve you?  

To the "victims": People might slow down to see you struggling but wont feel you because they have other things on their mind.  They have people to see, places to be, things to do.  But hold on, your help is on the way. 

3. This is your chance, take it. The Samaritan man went down to the victim on the road to look at him from the same level.  He got off his high horse, rolled up his sleeves, wrinkled his ironed shirt, got his hands dirty, and said I'm going to help you.  When God presents an opportunity to live out love, what do we with it?  It might interrupt our plans, schedule, and routine.  But take a risk of love and kindness and see how God shows up. May God open our eyes, ears, hearts, minds, and bodies to love not only Him but him. 

To the "victims": You held on a little longer and your help is here.  It's not where you expected it from, but it's here.  It's not your family, your church, your pastor, your friends, but it's Jesus.  We were once enemies with God because of sin but through Jesus death on the cross we have become new creations and co-heirs with Christ. 

4. There is a price to pay for kindness.  If we do something for someone expecting something in return that's not kindness, that's a chore or a job.  Kindness has no strings attached.  The Samaritan man had just finished his grocery shopping for home and used what he had with him to help the man in need.  That could mean sharing your dinner with someone.  That could mean using your vehicle, paying tolls and using gas to help someone get somewhere.  That could mean that you don't keep a tally of anything you've done either. 

To the "victims": You are receiving something you didn't expect or deserve.  That is GRACE.  You didn't do anything to earn it, but you just got the best the man had.  Receive the love, grace, and mercy of God it in the middle of your pain, ruins, and ashes and allow Jesus to help you.  If you do receive Him and His love for you, He's about to take you to places you never imagined. What Satan and his minions meant for harm, God will turn it around for good.  Just hold on and let Jesus heal you and lead you ... just ENJOY THE RIDE!

Do you know someone that needs a "Good Samaritan" in their life right now? What do you have to give? Don't pass them by but reach out to them with kindness - LIVE OUT LOVE! "Your hand is God's hand for that person." Proverbs 3:27 (MSG)  Have you put those boots in the closet, stored away?  We might need to take them out and keep them handy.  

Enjoying The Ride,

Pastor Cecil

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