Make Your Move

Make Your Move

When it comes to having things happen in our lives most of us would really like it if God would just hurry up and do something. We want Him to light the fire, to send the power, to cause revival. We definitely can not do anything without Him.
Sometimes however the problem is not that God is not moving – the problem is that we are not moving.
Consider what God has already done:
- He sent Jesus.
- He has cleansed us from sins stain.
- He has released us from sins power.
- He has given us His Word as a foundation and a weapon.
- He has given each of us the measure of faith.
- God has provided the whole armor.
- He has filled us with the Holy Spirit and with power.
- He has broken the curse of the law.
- He has promised to meet all our needs.
- He gives us access to come boldly into His presence.
- He took the stripes for our healing.
- He has given us the authority to act on his behalf... setting the captive free, releasing the bound and oppressed in the power and authority of His Name!

Given all of this I cannot help but think that perhaps there is now something that we are supposed to do.

Have you ever been frustrated by someone who doesn’t know it is their move?

Ever play a game and you sit waiting on the other person to move, only to discover that they did not realize it was their turn?
Or get behind someone who is so preoccupied that they sit through the entire green light? One that frustrates me to no end is when you get to a 4-way intersection and people cannot seem to figure out how this thing is supposed to work, and some will sit there... and sit there, while others keep pouring through another section not allowing others to proceed.

Something I have come to understand is that as believers we need to know when we are to wait patiently and when it is our move!  There are so many times that I somehow get the feeling that we are sitting around waiting on God to move, yet the reality is… IT’S OUR TURN TO MOVE!  In the parable of the talents, the nobleman told the workers to take the talents given to them and occupy until he returns.  In our way of using this word, "occupy" means pretty much to sit or stay in that space or place. But the word literally means, "to do or carry on business."  In that context, we (the Body of Christ) are to "occupy" here on earth, until Jesus returns. We are to carry on "the family business!"  What is that business?

To seek and to save the lost.
To heal the sick.
To preach the good news to all people.
Everything we see Jesus doing in the Word of God... THAT we are to be doing now.
Each and every one of us that has believed on his name for salvation.
It is our turn... or our move.
What are you going to do?

(Adapted from a sermon I preached in 2004)