Makes a Daddy Proud!

We closed out our revival (the meetings, not the spirit) last night, and afterward both of my kids (at separate times and without the other knowing) shared with my wife how God had stretched them in their giving this week. I would not presume to share the amounts, that is between themselves and God; but God challenged them and stretched them, and they both obeyed. This is a college kid and a high school senior, and for each of them, it was not something they could just give and it not be a challenge. First and foremost, I am SO thrilled to know that my kids have an understanding of God's principles when it comes to giving. I know if they walk this out in their lives, they will be blessed people.  One thing that was just so cool is that when Ashley heard God speaking to her about an amount to give, she wrestled with it. She even argued with God about what an odd amount it was. (That's my girl!) She sat and wrestled with the things she owed and for something she was trying to save up for...but she obeyed.  Now, you have to understand, Ashley had told no one any of this at that point. She simply did what she knew God was asking her to do. After church, some of us had gone to McDonald's and my wife told her that we were going to be paying an obligation she had and that we were going to buy something for her. Turns out, these were the two things she had wrestled with with God had asked her to give. She still did not tell us about what had happened at church with her giving. Instead, she came home and made a post on Facebook about how awesome God is. Through that post, a little debate arose with a girl claiming to not believe in God. I won't go into it all, but that girl is coming to church with her on Sunday!  That's my God!