MANILA (UPDATE)—A 5.9-magnitude earthquake jolted Bukidnon Monday night, the Philippine…

The time is near☝❤

MANILA (UPDATE)—A 5.9-magnitude earthquake jolted Bukidnon Monday night, the Philippine Institute of Volcanology and Seismology (Phivolcs) said.

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  1. “The time is near” That’s exactly what the ORIGINAL RECIPIENTS of Revelation were told. Rev.1:3, 22:2. THEY were also told the events of the book “must soon take place” Rev.1:1, 22:6. Context context context.

  2. Matt 24:7b

    Matthew 24:7b “and there will be famines and earthquakes in various places.”
    We don’t have to go to sources outside of the bible to verify this took place.

    Acts 11:27-30 (look it up)

    The famine was so severe that churches as far away as Corinth participated in the relief effort.

    1 Corinthians 16:1-5 (look it up)

    Josephus tells of queen Helena’s relief effort for Jerusalem:

    “Now her coming was of very great advantage to the people of Jerusalem; for whereas a famine did oppress them at that time, and many people died for want of what was necessary to produce food withal, queen Helena sent some of her servants to Alexandria with money to buy a great quantity of corn, and others to Cyprus, to bring a cargo of dried figs.” (Antiquities 20:2:5)

    In The Annals of Imperial Rome Tacitus wrote:

    “Many prodigies occurred during the year. Ominous birds took their seat on the Capitol; houses were overturned by repeated shocks of earthquake, and, as the panic spread, the weak were trampled underfoot in the trepidation of the crowd. A shortage of corn, again, and the famine which resulted, were construed as a supernatural warning. It was established that there were no more than 15 days supply of food in the city of Rome. Only heaven’s special favour and a mild winter prevented catastrophe.” (12:43)

    War is the number one contributor to famine and its disastrous effects. It is no accident that Jesus lists famines after wars. Famines occurred before that generation passed away.

    Regarding earthquakes in various places, we need to ask the question, “what does the text not say?”. Modern prophecy writers contend that it is the increase and magnitude of modern earthquakes that make them significant for determining that we are living in the last days. In his book, Foreshadows of Wrath and Redemption, William T James says “The Lord obviously meant earthquakes of unprecedented seismological dimension.” The text doesn’t say anything about an increase in the number of earthquakes or their magnitude. It simply says there will be earthquakes in various places.

    That’s all it says.

    Two earthquakes are mentioned in Matthew. One when Jesus was crucified (27:54) and the other when the angel came down to roll the stone away from the tomb were Jesus was buried (28:2). In Acts 16:26 we read of “a great earthquake, so that the foundations of the prison were shaken.” These earthquakes are reported prior to the destruction of Jerusalem. One is described as great and the other as severe.

    In An Eschatology of Victory, Marcellus Kik writes, “As to earthquakes, many are mentioned by writers during a period just previous to 70 AD. There were earthquakes in Crete, Smyrna, Miletus, Chios, Samos, Laodicea, Hierapolis, Colosse, Campania, Rome, and Judea. It is interesting to note that the city of Pompeii was much damaged by an earthquake occurring on February 5, 63 AD.”

    The number of earthquakes during this time period is staggering. Josephus describes an earthquake in Judea of such magnitude “that the constitution of the universe was confounded for the destruction of men.” He goes on to say that this earthquake was “no common” calamity, indicating that God Himself had brought it about for a special purpose. In The Gospel According to Saint Matthew, Edward Haynes Plumptre writes, “Perhaps no period in the world’s history has ever been so marked by these convulsions as that which intervenes between the Crucifixion and the destruction of Jerusalem.”

    Luke’s account of the Olivet Discourse adds something to earthquakes that Mathew doesn’t record.

    Luke 21:11 “There will be great earthquakes, and in various places famines and pestilences. And there will be terrors and great signs from heaven.”

    The appearance of comets and other phenomenon were often taken as a warning of some approaching calamity or a sign of change in existing political structures. William Shakespeare said “It is a disorder of the heavens importing change of times. It is bad news, especially for eminent persons.” We know that the star in the east was a sign of joy for the magi, but it was a bad omen for Herod. A comet appeared in the sky in 44 BC, the year of Julius Caesar’s death. A comet appeared in AD 60 during the reign of Nero and everyone was speculating whether there would be political change. Tacitus wrote, “As if Nero were already dethroned, men began to ask who might be his successor.” Nero took the comet’s threat seriously. He knew the intricacies of political intrigue. Roman historian Suetonius wrote, “Nero took no chances. All children of the condemned man were banished from Rome and then starved to death or poisoned. The policy worked like a charm. Nero survived that comet by several years.”

    Nero may have thought he was finished with “warnings from heaven,” but Halley’s Comet appeared in AD 66. Not long after this, Nero committed suicide.

    Josephus tells of a time when:

    “There broke out a prodigious storm in the night, with the utmost violence, and very strong winds, with the largest showers of rain, with continual lightnings, terrible thunderings, and amazing concussions and bellowing of the earth, that was in an earthquake. These things were a manifest indication that some destruction was coming upon men, when the system of the world, was put into this disorder; and anyone would guess that these wonders foreshadowed some great calamities that were coming.” (Wars 4:4:5)

    “There was a star resembling a sword, which stood over the city, and a comet that continued a whole year. Thus also, before the Jew’s rebellion…so great a light shone round the altar and the holy house, that it appeared to be bright day time; which light lasted for half an hour…Moreover, the eastern gate of the inner court of the temple, which was of brass armed with iron, and vastly heave, and had been with difficulty shut by twenty men, and rested upon a basis armed with iron, and had bolts fastened very deep into the firm floor, which was made of one entire stone, was seen to be opened of its own accord about the sixth hour of the night.” (Wars 4:4:5)

    Many earthquakes and signs in the heavens occurred before that generation passed away just like Jesus said they would in Matt 24:34.

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